The thing about 'love' that we cannot deny is 'hurt'

You started with nobody, just 'hi', then it developed, you get to know each other and after some time, the feeling started to develop and you felt love and began creating memories. From simple one to the most complex one. You feel like you own the world, you are in cloud nine.

But the feeling is hard to last I guess.

You have to expect misunderstood, give up & goodbye moments by any means, no matter how hurt it is, isn't it? You have to expect things don't always work like you want to anyway and not many people can tag along for what you have been doing. 

But LIVE. It is not even the end of the world and don't cling too much for the memories and what lies behind you no matter how hard it is for you to not cling on things.

Reality surprises and hurts you because it serves to teach you.


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