Summary of A Life Changing Reminder [Ramadhan Reminder] Video


Ok, I know right that I have sooo many ideas of updating this blog recently. Tapi too much ideas menyebabkan aku tak tahu nak start macam mana. So, pufff.. hilang macam tu campur dengan mood malas aku nak on laptop bulan-bulan Ramadhan ni (to show that I am REALLY a devoted daughter and sister. heh -.-)

Tapi malam ni aku terjumpa video ni yang di'share' kat group FB. Disebabkan curious kenapa orang tu share sangat video ni, aku pon layankan je lah. 10 minit jugak...

Finally... what are the ideas that I've got by watching the whole 10:13 vid?

Subhanallah. Abundance. A lot of reminders... 
(and other appropriate adjectives yang boleh describe banyak)

So, here are they. Randomly, I've summarized several things that I've got from this wonderful vid (as the note for myself and for you as well)

#1. Benefits from Laylatul Qadr

  • Night which is more valuable than a 1000 month
  • Night which the book of guidance (Quran) was revealed
  • Night which peace and blessings and tranquility and mercy, descends along with the angels to the first heaven
  • Night which Allah descends in a way that befits His majesty after one third of that night (that Allah will accept all the duas, fulfill all of our need from fajr until dawn) 

 #2. Du'a for Laylatul Qadr

Aisha R.A asked The Messenger S.A.W: 
"O Rasulullah, if I know what night is the night of Qadr, what should I say?"

He (the Prophet SAW) said:

اللْهُمَّ إِنَّكَ عَفُوٌّ تُحِبُّ الْعَفْوَ فَاعْفُ عَنِّي

"O Allah, You are Pardoning, and You love to Pardon, so, Pardon Me."

#3. Differences of Afuw & Maghfirah
  • Maghfirah means that Allah (swt) had he forgiven you with the maghfirah (part). 
  • He will conceal us with the shortcomings in the dunya (world), He will not expose us in the Akhira (hereafter), and He will not punish us for which that we have done but Allah will confront us with the sins that we have made
  • While... Al-afuw means erase and wipe away.
  • When you go to Allah al-afuw, Allah (swt)  the one who loves to have Afuw, He will erase all of your sins and He will not leave any single trace and you won't even remember that you've done those sins.
Get it? Kalau tak dapat, watch full vid. Too many things to clarify tang ni. Hehe.

#4. Stop Complaining
A man came to Ali bin Abi Talib and told him: 
Oh Amirul Mukminin, I used to wake up at night and pray and for some reason, I stopped (I don't know what's the reason)

Ali bin Abi Talib RA said:
You are a man who has been chained by your sins

So, let us break these chains and use this opportunity every night of the last 10 nights (and do not only focus on 27th). InsyaAllah...

Rasulullah even did these three things: Du'a, Quran and Zikr.
#5. Stop Procrastinate
One day, there was a non-practicing Muslim sister (wearing very tight jeans and clothing that Allah do not really blessed with) came to a halaqa after being invited by a practicing sister.

Throughout the halaqa, the girl (the non-practicing) felt very touched by those words spoken out from the practicing sister. She mentioned that: Tonight, I'm gonna wear proper clothing that which pleases Allah. All around her were excited by her words and said: Let's go buy new one before you go home.

She said; No, I'm not taking a single step outside this masjid until I'm wearing it. So, they saw how she was insisting.. They were very happy, brought her the abaya, gave it to her and that's it! She wore it!

Then, she was walking outside the masjid as she was crossing the street... Suddenly, a car was driving and unfortunately hit the sister... and she died on the spot.



Yeah, it's not too late to start over.

Frankly, bila fikir balik, aku buat apa je la Ramadhan tahun ni. Sekejap je dah nak berlalu Ramadhan and I haven't fully utilized my time wisely. Oh what a waste! Menyesal pon ada. Tapi, mudah-mudahan kita tak membazirkan lagi sedikit lagi masa yang ada, untuk kita gunakan sebaiknya. Don't procrastinate! 


  1. nice sharing.. sob sob.. bila pk balik, ramadhan tahun ni macam takder buat apa2.. rugi plak rasa.. haish.. cepat gila masa berlalu.. sedih la plak.. T__T

    1. kan? aku rasa banyak bazir masa. takpelah, the remaining days kita buat leklok eh :)

  2. As-salaamo alaykum,

    In shaa Allah everything is well. YouTube deleted the original version of this video "Life Changing Reminder" while giving a very vague reasoning after it was going viral with almost 200,000 views in 9 days. Below is a newly uploaded one. Please share this one instead. May Allah reward you.

    1. Waalaikumussalam.

      Thank you brother for this wonderful video and thanks for giving me the new link.

      jazakallah also for dropping by :)

  3. waah.. memang video yang bergune.. thanks sebab sharing tapi lewat dah aku tengok sebab dah masuk syawal dah pun.. ape pun selamat hari raye ye.. =)


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