Novice 2013

What a busy week lately. Mana tak nya, semua nak kena harung dalam minggu lepas jugak. Imagine 4 quizzes in that particular week (ICT, Fiqh Ibadat, MLS & Business), training for debate (for Novice Cup) & assignment video pendek arab yang sangat mencabar ketahanan fizikal & mental aku. How to actually comprehend our time since we have a lot to do. Surely, I already lose my track, rhythm in studying and handling other things. Por favor. -_-"
So, since hari ni hari buruh, I think of getting off for a while. Pergi PBAKL. Lol..

National Novice Debate Championship 2013

Novice Cup is actually a debate competition for the newbies. Yeah, we still consider ourselves as newbies.  School boys and girls and even universities' students have participated in this tournament. This program took place at UiTM Shah Alam (. Even though, the cup is for the juniors in debating, but the topics/motions were sooooo secular & liberal, I might say. Among the topics listed for the preliminary rounds?
  • THW legalise pedophilia if it comes with parental consent
  • In countries where prostitution is illegal, THW only prosecute the clients
  • THW remove internet porn filters
  • THW grant marital benefits to child bearing couples
  • THW investigate and prosecute all cases of domestic violence regardless of victim's consent
  • THW allow spouse to sue in cases of infidelity
  • THBT the ministry of magic should pay for remuneration to the muggle world for the damages caused by Voldermort and his death eaters
  • THW destroy the throne....
  • TH supports the rebellions...
  • THBT (Nuclear) winter is coming...
  • THW force religious institutions to conduct wedding ceremonies for homosexual couples
  • THW establish ways of contacting creator(s)
  • etc...
*THW-This House Would
THBT- This House Believe That

See? How secular the topics were! I think the topic in MOHEC were easier. Even crappiest, when we have to actually propose something unthinkable and would distinct with our aqidah. Even though we did not make it to octo-final rounds but alhamdulillah, a lot of experiences we learned along the debate. 

The Trainees: Aini, Nini (Tyra, not in the pic)

Team A: Haris, Amirul, Aizat

Team B: Farah, Salman, Hans

Team C: Mushi, Rashid, Wani

But then, biasalah, in every tourneys, there must be lack with something. The organizer was actually lacking of accommodations, I saw same guys conducting roll-call, food, collecting score sheets etc. Maybe there were many teams participating, so the judges were not actually eligible enough to give the verdict. There's a time, we thought that we could win the motion according to our arguments and stance but we lose it anyway. The judges gave the comment:
"Government (we) did great. You give good arguments and even your reply speech is very convincing. and the side of opposition (our opponent), you are off-topic. You should not talk about this thing, yada... yada.. yada..."
We thought we gonna win. At the end, the judges said, we give the win to- Opposition.

What the....?

Never mind..

And there was a time, the judge was only 15 years old and she was the only judge to examine us.

I must say, a lot of assumptions happened throughout the debate. Heh.

p/s: selamat mengundi!


  1. the ministry of magic should pay for remuneration to the muggle world for the damages caused by Voldermort and his death eaters- LOL!!!

    nanti dapatkan buku AkuNaikSaksi terus dari aku k. :D
    send via email.

  2. waahh.. memang aktif betul ko dalam debate ni ye.. tapi ok r aktiviti tu pun boleh tambah banyak pengetahuan kan? accomodation problem aku rase normal je kat mane2..


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