Lessons from the nature

February 01, 2013

Was captured by 2.0 mp Samsung, edited in Instagram. Lol

"Subhanallah. Memang indah sunnatullah..."

Those words were crossing my mind when seeing this wonderful nature. I am still in my uni, while others had already started their sem break. I have to wait until 'Ihtifal IPT ASEAN 2013' [31-4th Feb 2013] finish, only then I can return home since I'm in charged for Arabic Debate (ASEAN) competition. It means that I only have about 10 days holiday. But never mind, I'll enjoy myself :)

So, I used my leisure times to roam about my uni atmosphere, jogged around with my roommate and treasured the path people rarely visit.

Since there was nobody around, I lay down at the park, looking at the blue, cloudy sky, feeling the windy air and seeing leaves were shaken by the breezy air. Everything is perfect! Moreover, the angle made the image splendid since it was captured while lying down.

Everything is related back then.

Trees ---> Oxygen ---> People inhale ---> People exhale ---> Carbon dioxide ---> Trees ---> Oxygen again. 

Sun ---> Photosynthesis process 
(LOL, I'm not teaching Science here! I'm no longer a science student. This is truly basic, bottom knowledge I had)

and it goes around and around and around.

Everything is wonderful. Allah has set it that way, and the nature follows the sunnatullah set by Him. 

Even nature follows the rules.

But we, human, who are here to rule over the world, the nature however still could not follow this sunnatullah?

What do we expect to...?


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  1. memang cantik pemandangan alam ni.. ramai cakap kalau nak tengok sesuatu yang tak menipu tengok r alam.. memang banyak ilmu terdapat dalam tu.. hmm.. aturan Tuhan memang terbaik.

  2. pics tu jadi lawa pulak kalau pandai snap n edit . Good job ! Muhasabah :)

    1. haha.. tu lah pasal. tak sangka jadi lawa camtu. :p
      thanks weh.. sama2 muhasabah :)

  3. suka tengok alam :) bila tengok macam tetibe akn ada rasa tenng :D