Kids and Babbling!

February 23, 2013

Sebab dah lama gila tak menulis, aku rasa kali ni just nak update something yang santai je.

One of the thing that I like to see the most is --> seeing children growing up. But wait, it doesn't mean I am fond to have kids on my own *even it is everyone's dreams.* I have 2 younger siblings which are only 12 and 11 years old by now, (9 and 8 years gap from mine), so I have watched them grew up from baby and up till now.

Well, what I love to see the most is their babble. Celoteh. How cute!

Why did I write about this actually? Simple. 

My semester break last sem, I was surrounded by kids. Oh, adik aku yang boleh dikatakan kecil-tapi-takdelah-kecil-sangat + dengan anak2 Dr. Fairos yang jumlahnya 6 orang (the eldest, 12 and the youngest, 4). I had to send and fetch them to school, tuition and so on. Their parents went to 'umrah' and since I was available during those periods, I was hired to be the driver for their children. And oh the kids were happening especially the youngest who is the cutest and the trouble-maker too. -,-"

I was kinda 'Chisato' in Atashinchi No Danshi. Have to complete 10 Mothering Goals. LOL

I thought I was only going to drive them, instead, I've to babysit them too. I spent 3 nights at their house after the house had been broke into by strangers. The motorcycle had been stolen! I just can't imagine if the culprits entered the house. Yeah, fortunately, the kids and the 'bibik' were safe. Imagine. Only a bibik and 6 kids in the house. To my sense of humanity, I felt that I was responsible for looking after them too, even I'm not much related to them. Alhamdulillah, recently, the motorcycle had been found in Tumpat. Wayyy far from KB. 


Enough with that. I really enjoyed seeing them talking.

I remembered these incidents I watched, of course, kids involved:


Conversation between my uncle and his son, Alif, 3 years old at surau.

Uncle: Adik tunggu kat sini. Ayah nak ambil air sembahyang.

Alif: Oh.. ayah tolong ambilkan untuk adik sekali..

Uncle: Whaaaatt?? (dalam hati) *facepalm*

LOL. clearly, he doesn't know what is 'air sembahyang' and he thought it was something we can take for them. Perhaps it's for eating.

I was waiting for someone to fetch us to go back to Residential College. At that moment, I was at a stall selling waffle, kayaball, ice-cream and corn (LOL. I don't know what to say this specifically). Suddenly, a boy about 5, 6 years old came and said...

Boy: Pakcik, nak LEMPENG satu? (his finger pointed at waffle, referring to that)

Pakcik: Oh.. Lempeng ada jual kat sini ek? (I know his soul intention was to joke with it)

Boy: (innocently) A'ah.. Yang ni. (pointing at the waffle again).

Pakcik: Nak perisa apa?

Boy: Apa yang ada...?

And the conversations went well. I love seeing that innocent look in them. I ever imagined if I were the one who buys it and referring to the waffle as Lempeng as well, I might be the joker there. But the boy wasn't wrong. Waffle is a modified pancake. And pancake is a Lempeng. He somehow had opened my eyes. We were so dead innocent while we were kids. They don't know how to cheat, how to cover for that.  And oh yes, the Lempeng word is very cute term to use. I think I might use it one day. :P


You might hear and see many other things that related to the kids babbling. So funny. Sometimes, I myself would laugh if I flashback my dear childhood memories of being tomboy. Rather great anyways. I can't think of how did I start up like that.

Motif of writing this?

This is me, when I was a kid.  *Nampak beno menipu.* Credit: Google

 Gah. Childhood is always the sweetest moment in life. I miss to wind the time.

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  1. nmpk sgt xsbr nk kawin..huhu..kawin la cpt, calon dh beratur rmai kot..kawin cpt2 n dpt ank cpt2 ek..huhuh

    1. LOL. baca motif kat akhir-akhir post tu wahai cik kak. haha

  2. petande ko nak kne kawin dah tu.. semoga cepat2 r ye.. ^^ lempeng = waffle?? interesting! tak pernah aku imagine waffle tu lempeng..