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Kids and Babbling!

Sebab dah lama gila tak menulis, aku rasa kali ni just nak update something yang santai je.

One of the thing that I like to see the most is --> seeing children growing up. But wait, it doesn't mean I am fond to have kids on my own *even it is everyone's dreams.* I have 2 younger siblings which are only 12 and 11 years old by now, (9 and 8 years gap from mine), so I have watched them grew up from baby and up till now.
Well, what I love to see the most is their babble. Celoteh. How cute!
Why did I write about this actually? Simple. 
My semester break last sem, I was surrounded by kids. Oh, adik aku yang boleh dikatakan kecil-tapi-takdelah-kecil-sangat + dengan anak2 Dr. Fairos yang jumlahnya 6 orang (the eldest, 12 and the youngest, 4). I had to send and fetch them to school, tuition and so on. Their parents went to 'umrah' and since I was available during those periods, I was hired to be the driver for their children. And oh the kids were happening especially the you…

Delicatus Experientia

Huii.. Memang minggu yang panjang. Tatkala orang lain dah balik bercuti hari tu, aku membusykan diri jadi Urusetia Debat Arab antara IPT peringkat ASEAN (31 Januari-4 Februari). Ingat nak update terus kat blog pasal ni, tapi bila balik je rumah server rosak, kabel kena curi. Memang puasa online la 2,3 hari ni. -_-"

Saja kutip pengalaman join2 program macam ni. Memang surrounding dengan senior2 la since aku sorang je 1st year. Fuu.. Tapi takpe, pengalaman tu yang penting. Aku urusetia bawah Unit Kiraan Markah a.k.a UKM. Pendek kata, UKM ni adalah ibu la kot segala unit sebab kena kira markah-markah personal pendebat, keseluruhan, ranking & match-up apa lawan apa for the next round.

Sebelum ni ada pengalaman debat je. But when it comes to the process, macam mana markah tu dikira, macam mana penentuan siapa lawan siapa untuk pusingan seterusnya, baru la dapat tau dengan lebih jelas lagi.
Seronok tapi mencabar. 
Seronok sebab dapat tau 'rahsia' terbesar (besar la sangat …

Lessons from the nature

"Subhanallah. Memang indah sunnatullah..."

Those words were crossing my mind when seeing this wonderful nature. I am still in my uni, while others had already started their sem break. I have to wait until 'Ihtifal IPT ASEAN 2013' [31-4th Feb 2013] finish, only then I can return home since I'm in charged for Arabic Debate (ASEAN) competition. It means that I only have about 10 days holiday. But never mind, I'll enjoy myself :)
So, I used my leisure times to roam about my uni atmosphere, jogged around with my roommate and treasured the path people rarely visit.
Since there was nobody around, I lay down at the park, looking at the blue, cloudy sky, feeling the windy air and seeing leaves were shaken by the breezy air. Everything is perfect! Moreover, the angle made the image splendid since it was captured while lying down.
Everything is related back then.
Trees ---> Oxygen ---> People inhale ---> People exhale ---> Carbon dioxide ---> Trees --->…