History Strikes!

While reading these 2 books for the final exam that will begin within these 2 days, I gotta the feeling, "Gosh! How am I going to finish all these?" I never had any interest of learning History before. Ever since high school, I always got B or C for history subject. Alhamdulillah, I got A for SPM, but it didn't reflect anything, anyways... -_-"

It's true then, when George Santayana said;
"Those who cannot remembered the past, are condemned to repeat it..." 

And seriously, I was condemned to repeat all those stuff again. And I feel like reading form 1 - form 5 History books once again.(even some says the History that we learned in our school years had been violated). At least I got the picture of it again. -__-" 

Since I am a Law student, I have to accept the fact, I have to like all these reading stuff  *yawning* Alhamdulillah, I started to like this subject nowadays. I regret for not having the 'hammasah' (spirit) of learning it before. Suddenly, I miss the moments when my teachers back in high school forced me to read and to remember all the facts and figure. They even quarantined me to read and ask whatever I didn't understand about History. Thank you so much Cikgu Norleha and Cikgu Norania. :)

When I flipped Hubungan Etnik book, one day, I was stumbled upon a note that I had jotted down during the lecture. I was attracted to these saying. I don't know where this quote came from and from whom.

"I like the answer of this Germanium Muslim Scholar when he was asked about Terrorism and Islam. He said:

Who started the first world war? Muslim?
Who started the second world war? Muslim?
Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia? Muslim?
Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslim?
Who killed more than 100 millions Indians in North America? Muslim?
Who took about 180 millions African people as slaves and when 88% of them died, threw them into the Atlantic Ocean? Muslim?

NO! they WEREN'T muslims! First of all, you have to define properly... If a non-muslim does something, it's a crime. But, if Muslim commits the same, he is terrorist. So, first remove the double standard, then come to the point..."

It stroke me then, the importance of learning history. So many things to be learned from the past. So many things to be taken into account so that we wouldn't repeat the same thing again.

p/s: maybe this is the last post before Final Exam (2/1/2013-18/1/2013) err... in between tu, kalau rajin, ada la kot update. 
p/p/s: do make du'a for us ey? :)


  1. tu lar masalahnya kalau banyak sangat info sejarah yang disogokkan kat kita dari barat. filem pun asyik nak tunjuk yang dowang sangat lar harmoni dan berhati mulia.

  2. I like both subjects! hee~ coz it was easy to get full carry marks - by visiting Malacca and made some simple report and presentations

    the lecturers are helping a lot of course :)

  3. gud luckk for final exam :D

    hihi..missha dlu pun 'peluh' jufak nak baca sejarh ni.. hee :D

  4. Wow.. kita dulu pun belajar HE jugak,
    hehhee selamat tahun baharu. All the best ! :D

  5. sejarah memang boring blaja mase sekolah dulu.. tapi sekarang ni aku suka sejarah.. mungkin sebab sejarah yang aku bace sekarang ni sejarah yang aku cari sendiri kot.. bukan harap buku teks semata je.. hmm..


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