Monday, December 31, 2012

History Strikes!

While reading these 2 books for the final exam that will begin within these 2 days, I gotta the feeling, "Gosh! How am I going to finish all these?" I never had any interest of learning History before. Ever since high school, I always got B or C for history subject. Alhamdulillah, I got A for SPM, but it didn't reflect anything, anyways... -_-"

It's true then, when George Santayana said;
"Those who cannot remembered the past, are condemned to repeat it..." 

And seriously, I was condemned to repeat all those stuff again. And I feel like reading form 1 - form 5 History books once again.(even some says the History that we learned in our school years had been violated). At least I got the picture of it again. -__-" 

Since I am a Law student, I have to accept the fact, I have to like all these reading stuff  *yawning* Alhamdulillah, I started to like this subject nowadays. I regret for not having the 'hammasah' (spirit) of learning it before. Suddenly, I miss the moments when my teachers back in high school forced me to read and to remember all the facts and figure. They even quarantined me to read and ask whatever I didn't understand about History. Thank you so much Cikgu Norleha and Cikgu Norania. :)

When I flipped Hubungan Etnik book, one day, I was stumbled upon a note that I had jotted down during the lecture. I was attracted to these saying. I don't know where this quote came from and from whom.

"I like the answer of this Germanium Muslim Scholar when he was asked about Terrorism and Islam. He said:

Who started the first world war? Muslim?
Who started the second world war? Muslim?
Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia? Muslim?
Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslim?
Who killed more than 100 millions Indians in North America? Muslim?
Who took about 180 millions African people as slaves and when 88% of them died, threw them into the Atlantic Ocean? Muslim?

NO! they WEREN'T muslims! First of all, you have to define properly... If a non-muslim does something, it's a crime. But, if Muslim commits the same, he is terrorist. So, first remove the double standard, then come to the point..."

It stroke me then, the importance of learning history. So many things to be learned from the past. So many things to be taken into account so that we wouldn't repeat the same thing again.

p/s: maybe this is the last post before Final Exam (2/1/2013-18/1/2013) err... in between tu, kalau rajin, ada la kot update. 
p/p/s: do make du'a for us ey? :)

Friday, December 21, 2012


Minggu yang padat, nak hantar semua assignment & nak selesaikan yang mana tertunggak. Lol. Perkara cliche yang akan berlaku time2 macam ni; "Kalau laa tak tangguh kerja duluu..." Nampak permainan 'kalau' di situ. Cait...

Sepanjang 1 sem yang dah nak habis, apa yang aku boleh cakap, dari segi silibus, aku rasa menarik time foundation lagi. Kitorang di'assign' dengan forum, debate, public speaking & so on (both in Arabic & English language), where else sem 1 degree ni a bit academic thing laa. Banyak duduk & dengar apa yang lecturer sampaikan which a bit boring to me. Oh my~

Tapi apa yang menarik bagi aku sem ni adalah, lecturer yang sangat-sangat sporting. 2 Indian lecturers untuk subjek English 1 & English 2. Both are open-minded. Ustaz-ustaz yang berpengetahuan luas dalam bidang-bidang agama untuk subjek Arab 1 & Arab 2. Banyak gila subjek bahasa! 2 subjek bahasa arab & bahasa inggeris untuk 4 kemahiran; Listening/Istima', Writing/Kitabah, Reading/Qiraah & Speaking/Muhadasah. Enough with intro. lol.

What catches my attention throughout this one sem is lecturer BI 2, Dr. Jey. Apa yang aku boleh cakap, dia sangat2 logical & critical thinker. Kalau masuk debate, memang rasanya dia je la bolot semua. Senang gila kitorang ter'influence' dengan kata-kata dia. Make sense too, semua ideologi dia.

Sepanjang 1 sem ni rasa cam, "Ya Allah, bagilah hidayah kat dia. Bukalah pintu hati dia..." He's a non-muslim. Indian to be exact but he always speaks good things about Islam. Kadang2 aku tertanya2 gak dia ni agnostic ke? For instance, dia cakap,
"Islam is simple, Allah had given the guideline i.e the 5 pillars of Islam. Muslims just have to follow these 5 pillars of Islam. It's perfect and you don't need to pierce or to hurt yourselves just like Hindus do during Thaipusam. *no offence here.*
  • Recite Syahadah
  • Pray 5 times
  • Fast during the fasting month
  • Zakat
  • Perform hajj

Aku rasa cam, Ya Allah, dia tahu semua. Even basic pon, not all Muslims know. Even if they know, entahlah. Kadang-kadang orang Islam pon tend to ignore 5 Rukun Islam tu. Pernah juga aku tanya dia, "What do you consider yourself as?" Aku agak tertanya2 dengan status agama dia. But he only said that. "I believe that religions teach us to do good & avoid bad. I also believe there is only a God."

Semoga Allah menyemai dan memberikan hidayah kepadanya.

What makes me touched lagi bila dia kata, semoga apa yang dia buat baik kat orang selama ni, Tuhan bagi dia sedikit ganjaran untuk syurga kelak. Cita-cita dia sangat besar. Hakikatnya lagi indah kalau dia embrace Islam.. Dan tu membuatkan aku rasa kecil sangat. Apa sumbangan dan kebaikan yang aku dah buat? Bersyukur sebab memang dilahirkan Islam. Orang lain yang bukan Islam masih tercari-cari erti sebenar & tujuan hidup.

Last kelas semalam, dia mempersoalkan pasal kiamat.
"Doomsday/Day of Resurrection- Is it total destruction or just a destruction? Destruction means that the world will still be here but there will be a new life after that. While total destruction, there will be earth no more."

How to answer this? Aku sebagai Muslim pon tak pernah mempersoalkan pasal ni. Kita pon tak tahu macam mana gambaran sebenar kiamat. Ada sorang member aku cakap, dia ada tengok video pasal gambaran kiamat, but then Dr. said that: the video is man-made. We cannot rely on that. Lepas tu, dia tanya lagi: Is it any verses from Quran that tells us how the day of Resurrection will be? Total destruction or just a destruction?

Aku cakap kat dia, banyak je surah2 yang cakap pasal kiamat. But then, I was quite frustrated sebab tak dapat tunjuk kat dia surah Al-Zalzalah antaranya. Then, aku surf the net and cari surah al-zalzalah. I gave the tafseer for him to read. Surprised me, he only said, Ok, now I believed. It's gonna be a terrific and total destruction.

Dia langsung tak argue. That made me respected him more sebab dia cakap whatever verses came from Quran are indeed true sebab datangnya dari Allah dan hanya daripada satu sumber. Even Kristian pon ada New & Old Testament & bercanggah. Sebelum ni aku pernah terberdebat dengan sorang mamat Holland pasal Islamophobia. Dia bagi ayat2 yang berkaitan dengan perang, betapa nak menunjukkan Islam ni agama terrorism. Alhamdulillah, after a few explanation, dia tak respon dah. Aku consider dia dah faham. Tapi doa je la semoga Allah memberi pemahaman & hidayah kat dia.

Sungguh. Aku takut bila aku tak mampu nak menjawab persoalan2 macam ni. Nak2 ilmu2 agama yang aku ada ni sangat2 lah cetek. Baca pon malas. Bila berdepan dengan situasi2 macam ni, aku kadang2 rasa noob. How am I going to explain to them about this and that even me myself pon tah pape.

Orang kata nak memahamkan non-Muslim ni tak senang. Tapi nak memahamkan orang Islam sendiri pasal Islam lagi susah. At least non-Muslim yang tak eager, dia boleh accept, without having to twist the words. Kalau yang jenis eager tu, kadang2 ayat Quran pon dia twist & give different meaning.

Bila dah membesar ni, aku terfikir, ni lah rupanya realiti hidup. Banyak lagi permasalahan yang tak selesai. Pemahaman yang rumit yang perlu diperjelaskan & diperhaluskan. Bukan mudah sebenarnya menjadi seorang siswa di uni. Bukan hanya kelas, kuliah... But it's more than that.

p/s: sorry, post kali ni sangat8 rojak. err. my bad. eh, panjang gak post ni. -_-"
p/s 1: no offence while writing this entry. tak berniat untuk bermain sentimen keagamaan.
p/s 2: doakan aku. study week dah bermula. exam akan bermula 2 minggu dari sekarang. O.o

Friday, December 14, 2012

What have I got?

What a busy week lately. The sem will soon come to an end. There is only a week left before the study leave. Oh and yes, a lot of assignments have to be submitted, presentations to be presented and I am eventually dying. -_-"

Last week, my friends and I went to UTM Skudai for the Great Gender Debate Competition 2012. It was my first experience ever to be participated in inter-varsity debate championship. Oh, it's tough anyway. Before that, I was a participant for English Debate. Mind you, I'm not that good in English btw, just trying out my best and figuring this thing out.

Well, for this time, the debate was conduct in British-Parliamentary Style (BP Style) which means there will be Opening and Closing from the side of Government and Opposition. 2 speakers for each Opening Govt (O.G), Opening Oppo (O.O), Closing Govt (C.G) and Closing Oppo (C.O) will be debating only on one issue.

The marks will be given based on the arguments and the points that have been brought up. How the case was opened and presented. Is it organised? Do the speakers fulfill their roles? And these teams will be ranked 1 until 4 based on their arguments and roles.

Well, if you want to know more about BP style debate, you can search for it yourself. Lol. I'm not great enough to explain on this. I got mostly 4 in 3 rounds. Lulz. Pengalaman gila.

The topics weren't that tough. Maybe because of lack research, incompatible and unstructured speeches made us fall. But I did not mind, the thing is --> The Experiences and what I've got during those days.

#1. What you think is not actually same with what others think
Well, this was really clear. We may think that our arguments and justifications are good enough. But do others think the same thing? No. They might have the best solution compared to us. So, this thing really took me to think in different perceptions and how to predict the outcomes and what other people may think of. There was a time when it came to the motion; THW recognized Civil Partnership of same sex couple. We were Opening Oppo (O.O) during that moment. We were ranked 4 because we said that we would not allow and recognize any same sex couples to be civil partnership. Afterwards, I asked the adjudicators why were we ranked 4. The judges said, we were supposed to talk on we would allow them to marry, not to just have the civil partnership. I was like... "What?!" I don't think that anybody would come across that idea.

#2. Be Structured
Many comments came onwards saying that we had not structure our arguments very well and this also led us fall. It needed practice anyway. It's not easy to tell everything since my papers were already messed up! Everything was jotted down and needed to be said, to rebut on the points, to come out with new points and so on. I loved seeing those who with a lot of experiences debating. They spoke fast and had very structured and substantive points in their speeches.

#3. Friends
Yeah, of course new friends. I got to know many people too, from UTHM, UTM, UniMAP, UniMAS and so on. Those people were great. Although I can say many of them were first timers too, they did not hesitate to share what they knew. Even the seniors in debating too gave us some tips on how to improve our speeches. At least, I was not a fore-lone ranger there. 

#4.  How to be and adapt yourself 
Since it was an English Debate Competition, most of the participants were Chinese and Indians. I can say only a few of us were Malays and it made me odd too, sometimes. I was kind of shock seeing them shaking hands after the debate. Even there was a Chinese guy came to me and tried to shake hands. I eventually nodded to respect his doing. Maybe he did not know. I found it hard actually to adapt myself there. I did not mind when most of them were speaking. (yeah, they are English debate participants btw) but it quite shocking to see how them socialized. Well, even a Malay girl hugged a Chinese guy and a Malay guy hugged a Chinese girl and so on. I was like... "ohhk.. so this is the nature of this competition?" Maybe I was not very exposed to the 'outer' world before so this was kind a new thing. How I supposed to react on that?

Well, debaters were so-called the generations that will govern the future days. I respected their opinions during the debate sessions. All of them were very great in their speeches, regardless what their believes are. however to see them in socializing to each other, made me think, is it these people who will lead the future days? Not saying that I am goody good enough to say all these. Maybe they did not know. I felt kind of foolish too since I have done nothing but to make du'a for them. May Allah bless.

I think these four things were enough to portray what have I got and learned during my 4 days there. It was kinda nice and new experience even though there was a few of 'unwanted' things happened (the abandonment episode.. LOL) but it all been fated by him. You like it or not, the things just happened. Chill~

p/s: Love the scenery in UTM Skudai. Dim and cloudy. :)
p/s 1: Sorry.. ter'English' pulak kali ni...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Out of Cocoon

See.. my so-called 'commercial name' was in there. LOL. remarked the first time  we met, she knew me as 'Hansyirah Takezur'

Semalam (02122012), kitorang pergi wedding member kitorang kat Gombak. Well, dah ber'Puan' la member huha huha ni. Puan Munirah. Cehh.. Allah mempertemukan jodohnya seawal usia 19 tahun, & alhamdulillah, it all went well yesterday. *bajet macam ada sepanjang hari, padahal, ada time kenduri je.* 'Well' sangat lah, berpenat lelah dalam kereta sebab sesat 3 jam. Padahal dekat je dengan area rumah aku masa aku duk Selayang dulu. -______-"

Dan tu membuatkan aku terfikir. After all these years, aku selalu tertanya-tanya, buat apa laa mak aku selalu nak pergi wedding member dia jauh2.. At that moment, masa aku dalam lingkungan umur 9-14 tahun. Kenapa la nak susah2 jadi musafir semata-mata nak pergi wedding orang? Letih je kot. And I kept asking about this again and again *masa tu laa.

Bila dah meningkat dewasa baru la aku tahu kenapa mak aku beria-ria nak pergi. Firstly, sebab memang wajib memenuhi undangan. Secondly, sebab excited nak tengok member kawin. Well, bermain, belajar & membesar sama-sama, and when it comes to their wedding day, mesti la tanak lepas peluang tengok.

Ni first time la experience pergi wedding kawan sendiri. Agak excited sebab malam before pergi, keluar pergi cari hadiah untuk bagi kat dia nanti. Plus, memang blurr nak bagi apa sebab umur dia pun sebaya ngan kitorang which I think, macam tak appropriate je nak bagi pinggan mangkuk bagai. Tapi at the end, beli je la yang rasa2 appropriate untuk bagi kat orang kawin. Keh3.

So, this is the groom & the bride. Comel je.
Hadiah daripada kitorang pun comel je. haha

Alhamdulillah. Tahniah kepada PUAN Munirah Rozlan & suami. Moga-moga istana yang terbina kekal sehingga ke Syurga. Amin.. Barakallahu lakuma.. Semoga berbahagia sentiasa. :D
Seriously, aku dah agak dah kau memang awal based on your thought all these while. haha.

Well, that's it... another story of early marriage. Haa.. mula lah tu duk 'how sweet...', yelahh.. lumrah la perasaan tu. ye dak? --"

Tapi, bagi aku, tu jodoh diorang, awal. Kalau dah termaktub di loh mahfuz time tu jodoh, kawin lah. Tak payah la kot setiap masa duk cari pemilik tulang rusuk kiri bagai.. Kadang2 when all these guys are talking about early marriage, it turned to be a boring & lame topic. Banyak lagi yang nak kena fikir. Err. But I'm not against it. Kawin laa nak kawin awal pon, takde pape urusan aku datang (kalau jemput lah.. haha). Benda yang baik, cepat-cepatlah disempurnakan. ye dak?

And don't ask, when it gonna be my turn. Aku wayyyy muda lagi dan tak kenal erti hidup lagi. haha.

p/s: 02122012, patutlah ramai orang kawin, masa sepanjang journey kitorang ke sana semalam, tarikh comey. 
p/s 1: Seriously, idk how to arrange my schedule untuk minggu ni & minggu depan. Since, minggu kuliah pun dah nak habis, memang presentation je la memanjang. --"
p/s 2: doakan aku hujung minggu ni. Ada debate competition kat UTM, Skudai. this gonna be my 1st experience in inter-varsity debate comp ever! aku dah cuak. -____-" kbai..