Against the Gravity


Last Sunday (16 Sept), my roommates & I went to Gunung Datuk which is located in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Since all of them are the committees of Unit Sukan & Rekreasi Pelajar (USRP), I just happened to join the programme. I can't bear to stay alone in the room while they were going. So, this was my second experience of climbing a mountain. The first was 2 years ago. [link] So, I must say this was kinda a comeback. lol.

Scenery from the peak of the mountain, 2900 feet from the sea level. Subhanallah, how wonderful the view is.

The feeling when we got up there? Of course, excited yet exhausted. Alhamdulillah, we were able to reach the top of it. As the way to get up there was not easy as I expected before. Plus, it was raining quite heavily in the morning, so the path is quite tricky and slippery. Mind you, when I climbed down the mountain, I fell so many times. Haha.

Well, as I climbed up the mountain, I came to think of so many things.

1- How lucky I am to be a perfect person.
I mean perfect as I own my hands and feet. I managed to climb the mountain even I was dying to climb it. If I am a disable, I wouldn't get this opportunity. Alhamdulillah, Allah is still giving me the chance.

2- How the paths have been treasured.
Yeah, people in old times used to live in this way. In the forest, jungle etc. Even today, there are still aborigines live in this kind of situation. I doubted if I can ever survive living in the jungle for all my life. Deep in my heart, I also impressed with the aborigines and people in old days. Yet, I am thankful because we have  lived in this pleased and comfortable condition. Technology had been improved and many things get easier nowadays.

3- How wonderful the creations are.
Being in a forest for a while and exploring it in order to get up there, I must have experienced looking at the  giant and rare trees and  varieties of bugs. Even there were many fell-off trunks during our way to reach the top, and we had to make really big moves, finally we reached it. Luckily, the paths have been trodden and made it easier for us to explore the nature.

4- How I wished I could against the gravity.
While climbing up the mountain, I tried not to look up. The mountain is quite steep. Whenever I looked up, I felt demotivate. Haha. How I wish the Earth has a zero gravity. I had made many pit stops so that I can gasp for air. LOL. Of course, I couldn't stop for a very long time cause the squad would not wait for me. So, I had to have a great zest in climbing up and down the mountain.

Not only that, I tried to relate that:
"life is like climbing up a mountain. We don't know what circumstances we might face. Once we climbed, we have to continue climbing until we reach the peak. Otherwise, if we stop and have no more zest to continue, we might remain there forever. If we have a second thought of climbing down without reaching it first, we would feel a really great disappointment."

Means that, once we started, we worth to finish it. Have a goal in everything we do.

I think that would be all. It's a nice experience to be close to the nature. We would feel how wonderful the creations that Allah has created and how small we are as human being. Subhanallah. :)

p/s: tetiba rasa nak tulis in english. mind the grammatical error. kalau rajin, betulkan lah. haha.


  1. sobahal, hanis syahirah

    duduk kat puncak bukit & gunung adalah satu kebanggaan sebenarnya, sebab nak berada di puncak bukan suatu yang mudah kalau mau diambil kira. ada kesulitan2nya.

  2. sejak bile kuar entri london ni? @.@ neway, mesti best kan bile dah sampai kat atas tu.. hilang sume penat pemandangan cantik sume.. best2.. aku takde peluang lagi rase pengalaman macam tu..

  3. untunglaaa kau....bab mndaki gunung ni ko memang terbaik...huhu


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