Monday, December 31, 2012

History Strikes!

While reading these 2 books for the final exam that will begin within these 2 days, I gotta the feeling, "Gosh! How am I going to finish all these?" I never had any interest of learning History before. Ever since high school, I always got B or C for history subject. Alhamdulillah, I got A for SPM, but it didn't reflect anything, anyways... -_-"

It's true then, when George Santayana said;
"Those who cannot remembered the past, are condemned to repeat it..." 

And seriously, I was condemned to repeat all those stuff again. And I feel like reading form 1 - form 5 History books once again.(even some says the History that we learned in our school years had been violated). At least I got the picture of it again. -__-" 

Since I am a Law student, I have to accept the fact, I have to like all these reading stuff  *yawning* Alhamdulillah, I started to like this subject nowadays. I regret for not having the 'hammasah' (spirit) of learning it before. Suddenly, I miss the moments when my teachers back in high school forced me to read and to remember all the facts and figure. They even quarantined me to read and ask whatever I didn't understand about History. Thank you so much Cikgu Norleha and Cikgu Norania. :)

When I flipped Hubungan Etnik book, one day, I was stumbled upon a note that I had jotted down during the lecture. I was attracted to these saying. I don't know where this quote came from and from whom.

"I like the answer of this Germanium Muslim Scholar when he was asked about Terrorism and Islam. He said:

Who started the first world war? Muslim?
Who started the second world war? Muslim?
Who killed about 20 millions of Aborigines in Australia? Muslim?
Who sent the nuclear bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Muslim?
Who killed more than 100 millions Indians in North America? Muslim?
Who took about 180 millions African people as slaves and when 88% of them died, threw them into the Atlantic Ocean? Muslim?

NO! they WEREN'T muslims! First of all, you have to define properly... If a non-muslim does something, it's a crime. But, if Muslim commits the same, he is terrorist. So, first remove the double standard, then come to the point..."

It stroke me then, the importance of learning history. So many things to be learned from the past. So many things to be taken into account so that we wouldn't repeat the same thing again.

p/s: maybe this is the last post before Final Exam (2/1/2013-18/1/2013) err... in between tu, kalau rajin, ada la kot update. 
p/p/s: do make du'a for us ey? :)

Friday, December 21, 2012


Minggu yang padat, nak hantar semua assignment & nak selesaikan yang mana tertunggak. Lol. Perkara cliche yang akan berlaku time2 macam ni; "Kalau laa tak tangguh kerja duluu..." Nampak permainan 'kalau' di situ. Cait...

Sepanjang 1 sem yang dah nak habis, apa yang aku boleh cakap, dari segi silibus, aku rasa menarik time foundation lagi. Kitorang di'assign' dengan forum, debate, public speaking & so on (both in Arabic & English language), where else sem 1 degree ni a bit academic thing laa. Banyak duduk & dengar apa yang lecturer sampaikan which a bit boring to me. Oh my~

Tapi apa yang menarik bagi aku sem ni adalah, lecturer yang sangat-sangat sporting. 2 Indian lecturers untuk subjek English 1 & English 2. Both are open-minded. Ustaz-ustaz yang berpengetahuan luas dalam bidang-bidang agama untuk subjek Arab 1 & Arab 2. Banyak gila subjek bahasa! 2 subjek bahasa arab & bahasa inggeris untuk 4 kemahiran; Listening/Istima', Writing/Kitabah, Reading/Qiraah & Speaking/Muhadasah. Enough with intro. lol.

What catches my attention throughout this one sem is lecturer BI 2, Dr. Jey. Apa yang aku boleh cakap, dia sangat2 logical & critical thinker. Kalau masuk debate, memang rasanya dia je la bolot semua. Senang gila kitorang ter'influence' dengan kata-kata dia. Make sense too, semua ideologi dia.

Sepanjang 1 sem ni rasa cam, "Ya Allah, bagilah hidayah kat dia. Bukalah pintu hati dia..." He's a non-muslim. Indian to be exact but he always speaks good things about Islam. Kadang2 aku tertanya2 gak dia ni agnostic ke? For instance, dia cakap,
"Islam is simple, Allah had given the guideline i.e the 5 pillars of Islam. Muslims just have to follow these 5 pillars of Islam. It's perfect and you don't need to pierce or to hurt yourselves just like Hindus do during Thaipusam. *no offence here.*
  • Recite Syahadah
  • Pray 5 times
  • Fast during the fasting month
  • Zakat
  • Perform hajj

Aku rasa cam, Ya Allah, dia tahu semua. Even basic pon, not all Muslims know. Even if they know, entahlah. Kadang-kadang orang Islam pon tend to ignore 5 Rukun Islam tu. Pernah juga aku tanya dia, "What do you consider yourself as?" Aku agak tertanya2 dengan status agama dia. But he only said that. "I believe that religions teach us to do good & avoid bad. I also believe there is only a God."

Semoga Allah menyemai dan memberikan hidayah kepadanya.

What makes me touched lagi bila dia kata, semoga apa yang dia buat baik kat orang selama ni, Tuhan bagi dia sedikit ganjaran untuk syurga kelak. Cita-cita dia sangat besar. Hakikatnya lagi indah kalau dia embrace Islam.. Dan tu membuatkan aku rasa kecil sangat. Apa sumbangan dan kebaikan yang aku dah buat? Bersyukur sebab memang dilahirkan Islam. Orang lain yang bukan Islam masih tercari-cari erti sebenar & tujuan hidup.

Last kelas semalam, dia mempersoalkan pasal kiamat.
"Doomsday/Day of Resurrection- Is it total destruction or just a destruction? Destruction means that the world will still be here but there will be a new life after that. While total destruction, there will be earth no more."

How to answer this? Aku sebagai Muslim pon tak pernah mempersoalkan pasal ni. Kita pon tak tahu macam mana gambaran sebenar kiamat. Ada sorang member aku cakap, dia ada tengok video pasal gambaran kiamat, but then Dr. said that: the video is man-made. We cannot rely on that. Lepas tu, dia tanya lagi: Is it any verses from Quran that tells us how the day of Resurrection will be? Total destruction or just a destruction?

Aku cakap kat dia, banyak je surah2 yang cakap pasal kiamat. But then, I was quite frustrated sebab tak dapat tunjuk kat dia surah Al-Zalzalah antaranya. Then, aku surf the net and cari surah al-zalzalah. I gave the tafseer for him to read. Surprised me, he only said, Ok, now I believed. It's gonna be a terrific and total destruction.

Dia langsung tak argue. That made me respected him more sebab dia cakap whatever verses came from Quran are indeed true sebab datangnya dari Allah dan hanya daripada satu sumber. Even Kristian pon ada New & Old Testament & bercanggah. Sebelum ni aku pernah terberdebat dengan sorang mamat Holland pasal Islamophobia. Dia bagi ayat2 yang berkaitan dengan perang, betapa nak menunjukkan Islam ni agama terrorism. Alhamdulillah, after a few explanation, dia tak respon dah. Aku consider dia dah faham. Tapi doa je la semoga Allah memberi pemahaman & hidayah kat dia.

Sungguh. Aku takut bila aku tak mampu nak menjawab persoalan2 macam ni. Nak2 ilmu2 agama yang aku ada ni sangat2 lah cetek. Baca pon malas. Bila berdepan dengan situasi2 macam ni, aku kadang2 rasa noob. How am I going to explain to them about this and that even me myself pon tah pape.

Orang kata nak memahamkan non-Muslim ni tak senang. Tapi nak memahamkan orang Islam sendiri pasal Islam lagi susah. At least non-Muslim yang tak eager, dia boleh accept, without having to twist the words. Kalau yang jenis eager tu, kadang2 ayat Quran pon dia twist & give different meaning.

Bila dah membesar ni, aku terfikir, ni lah rupanya realiti hidup. Banyak lagi permasalahan yang tak selesai. Pemahaman yang rumit yang perlu diperjelaskan & diperhaluskan. Bukan mudah sebenarnya menjadi seorang siswa di uni. Bukan hanya kelas, kuliah... But it's more than that.

p/s: sorry, post kali ni sangat8 rojak. err. my bad. eh, panjang gak post ni. -_-"
p/s 1: no offence while writing this entry. tak berniat untuk bermain sentimen keagamaan.
p/s 2: doakan aku. study week dah bermula. exam akan bermula 2 minggu dari sekarang. O.o

Friday, December 14, 2012

What have I got?

What a busy week lately. The sem will soon come to an end. There is only a week left before the study leave. Oh and yes, a lot of assignments have to be submitted, presentations to be presented and I am eventually dying. -_-"

Last week, my friends and I went to UTM Skudai for the Great Gender Debate Competition 2012. It was my first experience ever to be participated in inter-varsity debate championship. Oh, it's tough anyway. Before that, I was a participant for English Debate. Mind you, I'm not that good in English btw, just trying out my best and figuring this thing out.

Well, for this time, the debate was conduct in British-Parliamentary Style (BP Style) which means there will be Opening and Closing from the side of Government and Opposition. 2 speakers for each Opening Govt (O.G), Opening Oppo (O.O), Closing Govt (C.G) and Closing Oppo (C.O) will be debating only on one issue.

The marks will be given based on the arguments and the points that have been brought up. How the case was opened and presented. Is it organised? Do the speakers fulfill their roles? And these teams will be ranked 1 until 4 based on their arguments and roles.

Well, if you want to know more about BP style debate, you can search for it yourself. Lol. I'm not great enough to explain on this. I got mostly 4 in 3 rounds. Lulz. Pengalaman gila.

The topics weren't that tough. Maybe because of lack research, incompatible and unstructured speeches made us fall. But I did not mind, the thing is --> The Experiences and what I've got during those days.

#1. What you think is not actually same with what others think
Well, this was really clear. We may think that our arguments and justifications are good enough. But do others think the same thing? No. They might have the best solution compared to us. So, this thing really took me to think in different perceptions and how to predict the outcomes and what other people may think of. There was a time when it came to the motion; THW recognized Civil Partnership of same sex couple. We were Opening Oppo (O.O) during that moment. We were ranked 4 because we said that we would not allow and recognize any same sex couples to be civil partnership. Afterwards, I asked the adjudicators why were we ranked 4. The judges said, we were supposed to talk on we would allow them to marry, not to just have the civil partnership. I was like... "What?!" I don't think that anybody would come across that idea.

#2. Be Structured
Many comments came onwards saying that we had not structure our arguments very well and this also led us fall. It needed practice anyway. It's not easy to tell everything since my papers were already messed up! Everything was jotted down and needed to be said, to rebut on the points, to come out with new points and so on. I loved seeing those who with a lot of experiences debating. They spoke fast and had very structured and substantive points in their speeches.

#3. Friends
Yeah, of course new friends. I got to know many people too, from UTHM, UTM, UniMAP, UniMAS and so on. Those people were great. Although I can say many of them were first timers too, they did not hesitate to share what they knew. Even the seniors in debating too gave us some tips on how to improve our speeches. At least, I was not a fore-lone ranger there. 

#4.  How to be and adapt yourself 
Since it was an English Debate Competition, most of the participants were Chinese and Indians. I can say only a few of us were Malays and it made me odd too, sometimes. I was kind of shock seeing them shaking hands after the debate. Even there was a Chinese guy came to me and tried to shake hands. I eventually nodded to respect his doing. Maybe he did not know. I found it hard actually to adapt myself there. I did not mind when most of them were speaking. (yeah, they are English debate participants btw) but it quite shocking to see how them socialized. Well, even a Malay girl hugged a Chinese guy and a Malay guy hugged a Chinese girl and so on. I was like... "ohhk.. so this is the nature of this competition?" Maybe I was not very exposed to the 'outer' world before so this was kind a new thing. How I supposed to react on that?

Well, debaters were so-called the generations that will govern the future days. I respected their opinions during the debate sessions. All of them were very great in their speeches, regardless what their believes are. however to see them in socializing to each other, made me think, is it these people who will lead the future days? Not saying that I am goody good enough to say all these. Maybe they did not know. I felt kind of foolish too since I have done nothing but to make du'a for them. May Allah bless.

I think these four things were enough to portray what have I got and learned during my 4 days there. It was kinda nice and new experience even though there was a few of 'unwanted' things happened (the abandonment episode.. LOL) but it all been fated by him. You like it or not, the things just happened. Chill~

p/s: Love the scenery in UTM Skudai. Dim and cloudy. :)
p/s 1: Sorry.. ter'English' pulak kali ni...

Monday, December 3, 2012

Out of Cocoon

See.. my so-called 'commercial name' was in there. LOL. remarked the first time  we met, she knew me as 'Hansyirah Takezur'

Semalam (02122012), kitorang pergi wedding member kitorang kat Gombak. Well, dah ber'Puan' la member huha huha ni. Puan Munirah. Cehh.. Allah mempertemukan jodohnya seawal usia 19 tahun, & alhamdulillah, it all went well yesterday. *bajet macam ada sepanjang hari, padahal, ada time kenduri je.* 'Well' sangat lah, berpenat lelah dalam kereta sebab sesat 3 jam. Padahal dekat je dengan area rumah aku masa aku duk Selayang dulu. -______-"

Dan tu membuatkan aku terfikir. After all these years, aku selalu tertanya-tanya, buat apa laa mak aku selalu nak pergi wedding member dia jauh2.. At that moment, masa aku dalam lingkungan umur 9-14 tahun. Kenapa la nak susah2 jadi musafir semata-mata nak pergi wedding orang? Letih je kot. And I kept asking about this again and again *masa tu laa.

Bila dah meningkat dewasa baru la aku tahu kenapa mak aku beria-ria nak pergi. Firstly, sebab memang wajib memenuhi undangan. Secondly, sebab excited nak tengok member kawin. Well, bermain, belajar & membesar sama-sama, and when it comes to their wedding day, mesti la tanak lepas peluang tengok.

Ni first time la experience pergi wedding kawan sendiri. Agak excited sebab malam before pergi, keluar pergi cari hadiah untuk bagi kat dia nanti. Plus, memang blurr nak bagi apa sebab umur dia pun sebaya ngan kitorang which I think, macam tak appropriate je nak bagi pinggan mangkuk bagai. Tapi at the end, beli je la yang rasa2 appropriate untuk bagi kat orang kawin. Keh3.

So, this is the groom & the bride. Comel je.
Hadiah daripada kitorang pun comel je. haha

Alhamdulillah. Tahniah kepada PUAN Munirah Rozlan & suami. Moga-moga istana yang terbina kekal sehingga ke Syurga. Amin.. Barakallahu lakuma.. Semoga berbahagia sentiasa. :D
Seriously, aku dah agak dah kau memang awal based on your thought all these while. haha.

Well, that's it... another story of early marriage. Haa.. mula lah tu duk 'how sweet...', yelahh.. lumrah la perasaan tu. ye dak? --"

Tapi, bagi aku, tu jodoh diorang, awal. Kalau dah termaktub di loh mahfuz time tu jodoh, kawin lah. Tak payah la kot setiap masa duk cari pemilik tulang rusuk kiri bagai.. Kadang2 when all these guys are talking about early marriage, it turned to be a boring & lame topic. Banyak lagi yang nak kena fikir. Err. But I'm not against it. Kawin laa nak kawin awal pon, takde pape urusan aku datang (kalau jemput lah.. haha). Benda yang baik, cepat-cepatlah disempurnakan. ye dak?

And don't ask, when it gonna be my turn. Aku wayyyy muda lagi dan tak kenal erti hidup lagi. haha.

p/s: 02122012, patutlah ramai orang kawin, masa sepanjang journey kitorang ke sana semalam, tarikh comey. 
p/s 1: Seriously, idk how to arrange my schedule untuk minggu ni & minggu depan. Since, minggu kuliah pun dah nak habis, memang presentation je la memanjang. --"
p/s 2: doakan aku hujung minggu ni. Ada debate competition kat UTM, Skudai. this gonna be my 1st experience in inter-varsity debate comp ever! aku dah cuak. -____-" kbai..

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Chronology of Friendship/Relationship

Whether we realize or not, how weird the chronology of relationship or friendship is.

A stranger could become an acquaintance
From acquaintance could become a friend
Then, it develops to bestfriend.

It's not only that, when it comes to the most cases, 
the bestfriend could become a lover too.
But, that's so-called mostly and rare too, sometimes.

Bestfriend could also turn to be an enemy.
Pretty weird when they got the wrong meaning of rival, though.
When the enemy started to backbiting, talking something unpleasant
and it steers the good relationship away.
and become a stranger once again.

Nonetheless, the best is, when that bestfriend is always with you
by your side, despite in whatever circumstances you are 

But, above all, it's wonderful to have known them all.

I shall say, it's like Minions in Despicable Me. Lulz.
Sometimes lovely, annoying etc.


Well, that's the reality.

How does this friendship or relationship started?
By a stranger.

LOL. I don't get the motive of what is actually I'm about to say.
Cause when I observed the meaning of friendship, 
how do I get to know them or you as my friend is actually --- weird.

How impressive the 'ukhuwa' is.

Thanks for being my friend.
I dont look for enemy cause I am a good person. peff. -_-"

P/s: Sorry for not updating & blogwalking. been busy solving the world's problems. Heh.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Antara Chemistry & Law

Salam Alaikum..

Harap masih tak terlambat untuk mengucapkan 'Selamat Berjuang kepada Army2 SPM sekalian'
SPM is actually stands for: Semua Perkara Mudah. kan? sangattt... Poyo je, mentang-mentang dah lepas. 

Semalam barulah mula balik kuliah+kelas lepas seminggu break. Seminggu break pon rasa sekejap je. Alhamdulillah, dalam seminggu tu, macam-macam perkara boleh buat. Yang paling tak tahan bila Ibu aku suruh ajar adik aku subjek Chemisry. It's been 2 years dah aku tak belajar Kimia. Member-member aku semua duk poyo-poyo je show-off pasal Organic Chemistry bagai. Aku pulak Kimia tau sampai SPM je, memang tak boleh challenge lahhh ilmu diorang yang lagi tinggi tu. (Plus, ex-classmates masa sekolah dulu memang majoriti sambung B.Science lagi, aku je kot melencong ke B.Art)

First thing was, selongkar balik stor, cari khazanah-khazanah lama Kimia. Memang aku simpan khazanah-khazanah tu dalam satu beg je tapi memang boleh kira complete lah. (i.e.: nota-nota masa form 4 & form 5, kertas-kertas soalan, modul-modul & buku rujukan) Memang agak berhabuk la jugak. *Bajet lama, padahal  bukannya exact 2 tahun sangat pun* Amir bukannya nak guna semua barang ni. Laki kan. Standard, nak yang baru-baru. Ceh. Tapi lately before exam, memang struggle gila lah dia. Lelaki...

Antara khazanah yang terkumpul

Disebabkan masa pon macam suntuk je, aku just fokus ajar teknik jawab soalan & terangkan camne nak tackle soalan. At the same time, ajar pasal certain-certain bab yang berkait dengan soalan-soalan tu. Sebab dah agak lama tinggal, memang tak ingat sangat lah. Even Chapter 2, form 4, tanya soalan simple gila. "What is Nucleon number?" Aku nak jawab yang tu pon kena rujuk buku dulu. Hmm.. "Total number of proton number & neutron number" Quite noob jugak laa rasa bila soalan simple macam tu pon blurr. Tapi bila dah get through soalan-soalan tu, alhamdulillah ingat lagi. 

Seringkali diajukan soalan: 
Kenapa tak sambung Kimia je? Kenapa melencong daripada Sains ke Sastera? Memang minat ke Law? 

Soalan-soalan cepumas macam tu memang tak mampu nak jawab.

I shall say: The Road Not Taken?

Kadang-kadang aku bagi jawapan mudah je. Dah dapat, terima je. Sepasrah itukah aku? Mungkin aku tersalah buat pilihan jugak masa isi UPU dulu. Bukan tanak sambung kimia, tapi takde rezeki kot. Maktab dah cuba tapi tak dapat. Kalau dulu lalu depan Jabatan Kimia, memang beranganlah tu bakal tempat kerja aku. LOL. Tinggal harapan je. Lalu sekarang pon, family aku still ungkit pasal ni. Nice!

Orang lain sanggup ambil jalan panjang-panjang sebab nak ahieve their goals. Aku pulak? Memang berserah gila lah kat takdir. Bukan yang jenis fikir panjang, nak masuk Matriks dulu ke, then struggle, then baru buat pilihan pergi mana. Aku takut untuk menaruh impian kat something yang aku tak pasti.

"Kenapa tak tukar je course masa mula-mula masuk dulu?" 
Yea, ada orang tanya. Maybe sebab masa mula-mula masuk dulu, aku teruja bila tengok orang buat latihan Kimia, tulis formula segala bagai. Kadang-kadang aku fikir, aku tak pandai grab peluang. Padahal boleh je tukar course masa awal-awal sebab jiwa aku pon bukannya dekat Syariah & Law yang memang agak baru dengan aku. Tapi bila dah belajar lama-lama cambest je sebab memang kena widen the view & scope lah. Kalau tak memang down tengok orang tau, kita noob. (cuma kena work out more on reading, critical thinking & language la)

Dah masuk tahun kedua (Asasi+1st year) dalam course ni, memang mencabar aku supaya menjadi orang yang serba tahu lah. Sebelum ni memang aku anggap "Ignorance is a bliss" Tapi awful gila kalau tak tahu. Mungkin orang kata, belajar Law ni bahaya, dosa banyak. Memang susah nak tukar orang punya persepsi. Tapi, apa yang aku dah belajar setakat ni, memang sangat2 membuka mata & fikiran supaya berfikir secara matang & kritis. Memikirkan permasalahan yang berlaku & cakna dengan persekitaran. Plus, bila belajar dua-dua Syariah & Sivil ni, boleh tengok perbezaan yang ketara dari segi pelaksanaan & sebagainya.

Mungkin ni hikmahnya. Nak suruh melihat dunia. Alhamdulillah, belajar dua-dua bidang ni memang menarik. 2 cabang yang berbeza, meskipun tak dapat nak kuasai kedua-duanya, rasa bersyukur sebab berpeluang mempelajarinya. Alhamdulillah. :)

p/s: btw, All the best, Amir! Angah doakan yang terbaik untuk Amir! InsyaAllah :D
p/s vita: panjang juga eh post ni. -_-"

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pending Love Letter

Salam alaikum..

Dah nama pon pelajar, assignment + homework tu perkara biasa. Even 1 week break pon, kena menghadap kerja ni hari-hari (tapi tak siap2 pon, 'komitmen' lain yang lebih.. -_-") Memang banyak dugaan kalau masa terluang banyak. Haiyoo..

Dalam banyak-banyak assignment listed sebelah ni, yang bergaris merah tu yang paling mencabar. 

Love letter?

Err.. dahla untuk lecturer baca. He wants to know how well we can express our feelings through writing. Memang ni lah pending assignment yang aku tak hantar-hantar lagi.  Sepatutnya hantar minggu lepas lagi, tapi aku tulis satu ayat pun tak habis-habis lagi kot. LOL. Memang fail la tulis pasal ni untuk bacaan umum. -_-"

Memang sekarang tengah cari 'bahan' untuk dimengarutkan. Pehh.

Tapi, budak-budak sekarang lagi advance. Bukan bermaksud aku budak zaman dulu. Budak-budak kat sini merujuk kepada to those yang masih bersekolah. Ikut lah sekolah rendah atau sekolah menengah. Mungkin zaman aku bersekolah dulu, lelaki yang lebih advance bab-bab tulis surat-surat cinta bagai. Sikit-sikit nak minta biodata bila dah berkenan kat seseorang. Pernah buat?

1 lagi yang femes time Sek. Ren. Tulis love2 kat blackboard.
Nak declare bagai. -_-"
Ohh.. Syirah ni bukan aku. Aku jumpa kat mana tah gambar ni.

Sekarang ni? Budak-budak perempuan yang senang bab-bab luah perasaan ni. For instance, budak darjah 6 ada la dalam 3 orang bagi surat cinta kat adik aku, Amin yang baru darjah 5. Telefon bagai malam-malam. I was like, "gahh.. takde benda lain ke diorang nak buat?" Kadang-kadang kalau time nakal aku datang, mulalah prank call, jawab call budak-budak tu. Keh keh keh. Yang darjah 2 pon, ada yang bagi hadiah cincin bagai kat dia. Err..

At the same time, aku malu pon ada dengan sikap diorang buat camtu. I was thinking, masa aku umur 12 dulu, ada ke aku buat camni? Memang tak la. How will they be in the future, kalau umur 12 dah macam ni? Hmm.. Mungkin banyak faktor yang menjadikan mereka bertindak sedemikian. Dah besar nanti, mungkin mereka akan terfikir balik & of course laugh at themselves sebab pernah buat camtu. Kenangan tu. Kalau lah. Kalau tak, entah.

Tapi, minta-minta diorang sedar lah. Maruah jugak tu. Adik aku pulak yang tersipu-sipi malu bila dapat surat cinta & jadi rebutan sampai macam tu sekali.

Mungkin itu gaya mereka. Macam-macam gaya kalau tengok orang dilamun cinta ni. Penangan Sweet Malay drama eww-eww la kebanyakannya. 

Penulisan ni agak sarkastik? 

Nahh.. Aku salute gila sebab diorang mampu express diorang punya feeling towards their love ones. Aku punya assignment dah bagi 3 minggu lepas, tapi tak siap-siap lagi. Haha. 

Friday, October 26, 2012

Think like a man

Salam eid adha kepada semua muslimin dan muslimat. Kullu 'am wa antum bikhair. InsyaAllah. :)

Alhamdulillah, semalam tepat pukul 8pm, sampai di rumah. Walhal bertolak dalam lebih kurang pukul 6am. 14 jam perjalanan KL-Kelantan. 2x ganda daripada kebiasaannya. Jalan sangat jammed & ada accident berlaku sepanjang perjalanan. Innalillah. Kat Merapoh, jalan 2 lane dah jadi one-way street sebab jammed sangat. Sampai satu tahap, ramai orang dah keluar dari kenderaan masing-masing & berkelah kat tepi. Fuuhh.

Credit: Abang San

(asal rasa formal semacam je ayat ni? k, fine, lama tak update. -__-")

Aku balik dengan ayah aku & 2 orang sepupu aku. Dalam kereta tu semua laki, except aku je la so-called 'Bunga'. Sepanjang 14 jam perjalanan, macam-macam topik yang keluar. Nak tak nak, memang kena dengar je la even banyak yang aku tak tahu. Rasa sangat lame pon ada. Tapi most of the time, impress sangat. Tertanya-tanya jugak, "camne diorang boleh tau semua ni?"

Diorang boleh cakap apa-apa topik pon. Bola, of course! Liga tu, liga ni. Teknologi, politik, pembangunan Malaysia, banking etc. Whatever topics came out, semua dapat layan je. Sememangnya rasa kecil je. Terperuk di dalam kereta tu. haha. Kalau duduk dalam kereta yang most perempuan, lain pulak situasinya. Sama ada gossipping or senyap (tidur). Asal macam aku merendahkan martabat perempuan ni? Oops. :O 

Patut la Steve Harvey ada cakap, "Think like a man, act like a lady.." Masa tu memang aku kena think like a man la, act like a lady la. Senyap je la kat belakang tu. Nak menyampuk pon bukannya tau sangat. At least, aku dapat indirect general knowledge. 14 jam perjalanan, habis semua topik cover. Boleh jadikan rumusan siap. LOL.

Ok, salam eid adha 1433h. :)

p/s: Sorry sebab lama tak update. Even takde orang kisah sangat pon. Err..
p/p/s: Sorry jugak sebab lama tak blogwalk. 
Thanks sebab sudi singgah walaupun dah lama tak update. Cc: Ophan
p/s last: Gonna have 1-week break tapi macam tak cuti jugak. lumrah hidup sebagai pelajar. -__-"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dr. Zakir Naik's Talk on Jihad & Terrorism - an Overview

Salam alaikum..

Lama juga rasanya tak menulis kat sini. Kebuntuan + lambakan assignmentsss yang memperlahankan tindak balas aku untuk menulis & blogwalking. (ada2 je alasan) Peff...

Ahad lepas (7 Oktober 2012), aku & member-member aku pergi kat Gurdwara (Rumah Ibadat Sikh). Next entry, insyaAllah, aku akan cakap pasal 'Journey to Gurdwara' tu. Diorang amatlah baik & beradab. Diorang jugak memang sangat menghormati tetamu. :D

Lepas tu, kitorang straightaway ke PWTC untuk attend Dr. Zakir Naik punya talk. Memang delightful gila la rasa dapat duduk dalam majlis tu. Since that was his last tour in Malaysia, Tun Dr. Mahathir pon ada untuk bagi opening speech.

Some information regarding to this event:

Topic: Islam's View on Terrorism & Jihad
Venue: Dewan Tun Razak 1, PWTC, KL
Time: 6.30 pm, Oct 7th
Masuk pon free je. Apa lagi, memang pergi la. Alang2 dah pergi Gurdwara kat Pudu & Chow Kit pagi tu, terus la naik Ampang Line pergi ke PWTC.

Alhamdulillah, merasa jugak duduk dalam majlis tu. Tak tau nak describe camne perasaan time tu. Teruja? Mungkin jugak sebab ramai muslim & non-muslim.. Not only Malaysian people, foreigners belambak. Macam bukan kat Malaysia je rasa. Sempat la jugak aku interview sorang Sudan & Uganda. Saja isi masa. LOL.

On and off, Dr. Zakir Naik punya speech start pukul 8.30. His slang is Indian English, since he is from India. Tak susah pon nak faham tapi ada part laju, aku dah --"Oh my!" Malam tu, dia cakap pasal isu yang mengatakan Muslim ni sering dikaitkan dengan 'Fundamentalist', 'Exteremist', 'Terrorist' & penggunaan term 'Jihad' yang disalahtafsirkan oleh Barat & golongan Orientalis sebagai hujah nak menguatkan lagi Muslim ni pengganas.

Alhamdulillah, aku dapat banyak sangat input. Selama nie kita pon tak tau macam mana nak balas hujah tu. Kita tak boleh simply guna dalil je sebab non-muslim nie banyak guna hujah akal. So, as he said in the talk, aku tak sangka, jawapan yang Dr. Zakir bagi tu sangat lawak & bernas.

Contohnya: "When someone told you, you are an Extremist. Don't be afraid of that. Just said, yes, I am extremist. I am extremely kind, extremely passionate, extremely loving etc..."

Lol. Tu salah satu la. Nak cerita semua memang banyak sangat. Tu tak termasuk lagi dengan Q&A session from non-muslim. What I impressed of him is, dia mampu quote surah/chapter & verses from Quran, Bible & Veda. Laju gila. Macam dengar lagu rap pon ada. Kalau nak dengar talk tu balik, search kat Youtube pon boleh. Berbaloi la duduk sampai pukul 11 pm lebih.

Dan salah satu yang membuatkan aku sangat teruja dalam event tu masa Q&A session. Ada sorang non-muslim mengajukan soalan kepada Dr. about the similarities of the significance of the hell fire & the reincarnation. (Malangnya aku tak berapa ingat apa yang Dr. jawab -_-) At the end, the sister angguk mengiyakan jawapan Dr. Lepas tu, Dr. Zakir pon tanya dia, "Sis, do you believe there is only a God?", Sis tu jawab, "Yes, I believe there is only a God & the prophet Muhammad is the messenger. I'll take syahadah after this with my children at Singapore..."

Suasana dalam dewan masa tu agak gamat jugak. I gave a sight of relief. Alhamdulillah, Allah bagi dia hidayah. Ramai jugak yang menitiskan air mata. Syahdu. Rasa bersyukur sangat sebab memang dilahirkan sebagai Muslim & yet still didn't practice perfect Muslim. Rasa malu jugak dengan diri sendiri bila nak comparekan dengan dia. At least, she searched for it & alhamdulillah Allah bagi dia jawapan.

Q&A session tu memang agak gamat. Ada jugak yang still hold to their belief firmly. Sampai jadi perdebatan agama pon ada antara diorang dengan Dr. Jalan dah bagi untuk mereka bertanya. Kita hanya mampu mendoakan semoga pintu hati mereka terbuka. InsyaAllah.

One of his memorable quote during the event was:
"If you want to understand Christian, read Bible, don't look at the Christians people. If you want to understand Islam, read Quran. Don't look at Muslim"

However, as for me, we as Muslims should give good example to others too. Sebab memang non-muslim menilai Islam daripada pemerhatian mereka terhadap umat Islam. So, what to do? Shift our paradigm to be a better muslim, insyaAllah.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Against the Gravity


Last Sunday (16 Sept), my roommates & I went to Gunung Datuk which is located in Rembau, Negeri Sembilan. Since all of them are the committees of Unit Sukan & Rekreasi Pelajar (USRP), I just happened to join the programme. I can't bear to stay alone in the room while they were going. So, this was my second experience of climbing a mountain. The first was 2 years ago. [link] So, I must say this was kinda a comeback. lol.

Scenery from the peak of the mountain, 2900 feet from the sea level. Subhanallah, how wonderful the view is.

The feeling when we got up there? Of course, excited yet exhausted. Alhamdulillah, we were able to reach the top of it. As the way to get up there was not easy as I expected before. Plus, it was raining quite heavily in the morning, so the path is quite tricky and slippery. Mind you, when I climbed down the mountain, I fell so many times. Haha.

Well, as I climbed up the mountain, I came to think of so many things.

1- How lucky I am to be a perfect person.
I mean perfect as I own my hands and feet. I managed to climb the mountain even I was dying to climb it. If I am a disable, I wouldn't get this opportunity. Alhamdulillah, Allah is still giving me the chance.

2- How the paths have been treasured.
Yeah, people in old times used to live in this way. In the forest, jungle etc. Even today, there are still aborigines live in this kind of situation. I doubted if I can ever survive living in the jungle for all my life. Deep in my heart, I also impressed with the aborigines and people in old days. Yet, I am thankful because we have  lived in this pleased and comfortable condition. Technology had been improved and many things get easier nowadays.

3- How wonderful the creations are.
Being in a forest for a while and exploring it in order to get up there, I must have experienced looking at the  giant and rare trees and  varieties of bugs. Even there were many fell-off trunks during our way to reach the top, and we had to make really big moves, finally we reached it. Luckily, the paths have been trodden and made it easier for us to explore the nature.

4- How I wished I could against the gravity.
While climbing up the mountain, I tried not to look up. The mountain is quite steep. Whenever I looked up, I felt demotivate. Haha. How I wish the Earth has a zero gravity. I had made many pit stops so that I can gasp for air. LOL. Of course, I couldn't stop for a very long time cause the squad would not wait for me. So, I had to have a great zest in climbing up and down the mountain.

Not only that, I tried to relate that:
"life is like climbing up a mountain. We don't know what circumstances we might face. Once we climbed, we have to continue climbing until we reach the peak. Otherwise, if we stop and have no more zest to continue, we might remain there forever. If we have a second thought of climbing down without reaching it first, we would feel a really great disappointment."

Means that, once we started, we worth to finish it. Have a goal in everything we do.

I think that would be all. It's a nice experience to be close to the nature. We would feel how wonderful the creations that Allah has created and how small we are as human being. Subhanallah. :)

p/s: tetiba rasa nak tulis in english. mind the grammatical error. kalau rajin, betulkan lah. haha.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ceritera Bas


The journey has just begun.
Tamhidi ---> B.A
All the best, Nis!

Aku baru free hari ni. Kira fair laa, lepas raya, packing-packing untuk masuk uni lak. Memang 'tak banyak' laa kan barang-barang yang kena bawa balik. Sekejap je rasa kot cuti 4 bulan tu.. Pejam celik pejam celik, hari nie dah hari ke-6 pon kat uni. Baru je selesai orientasi yang 'best' tu. Taklimat all the time... zzz... Boleh kurus pon kot orientasi kat sini. Jalan kaki je pi-balik. keh keh keh.

Mengimbau balik masa 1st day daftar as a Degree student. Agak bersesak-sesak jugak la. Since aku daftar pukul 1.30 p.m., aku ingat dah tak ramai. Rupa-rupanya ramai lagi manusia. Daftar kat stadium, lepas tu kena pergi asrama (KK1) yang kat dalam kampus. Barang-barang semua kena angkut dengan bas. Kereta sama sekali TIDAK dibenarkan masuk sebab takut jammed.

Dalam bas tu, aku rasa cukup sayu. Yelah, ibu bapa pon turut follow dalam bas jugak. Siblings2 lain pon ada. Aku suka tengok perasaan teruja kanak-kanak yang lebih kurang 13 tahun ke bawah. Ibu bapa pon tak kurang hebatnya. Mereka meneliti hampir setiap tempat di kampus. Mungkin aku tak merasakan sangat keterujaan tu since aku dah berada di situ lebih kurang setahun. Tiba-tiba, aku terdengar:

"Adik... adik belajar rajin-rajin tau.. Nanti boleh masuk universiti. Nanti belajar dekat tempat cantik & besar macam ni... Mak pon gembira, ayah pon gembira.."

Sort of that.. 

Aku lihat kanak-kanak yang usianya menjangkau 9 tahun itu membuang pandang ke luar tingkap, sambil tersenyum. Mengangguk. Keterujaan masih lagi dapat dilihat. Anggukan semangat menandakan dia sanggup menggalas cabaran itu.

Bila melihatkan situasi tu, aku menempatkan diri aku dalam diri budak tu. Aku pon pernah jugak mengangguk sambil tersenyum macam tu. Betapa semangatnya diri ini semasa kecil. Seawal usia lagi sudah mencabar diri ke menara gading. Tapi bila makin membesar, kata-kata janji yang diungkapkan semakin dikikis oleh perasaan malas dan tak sedar diri.

Rasa cam sayu je. Betapa tingginya cita-cita ibu bapa nak tengok anak mereka berjaya. Aku yakin most of parents cakap camtu kat anak dia. Mak aku pon cakap camtu jugak. Tipulah kalau tak. Dari SPM lagi duk ulang. Belajar rajin-rajin, biar sampai masuk uni, dapat kerja elok-elok. InsyaAllah life akan okey. 


Mungkin itulah definisi kejayaan bagi ibu bapa. Ibu bapa mana yang tak gembira melihat anak mereka berjaya? Melihat anak mereka berjaya bergraduasi di tadika pon, mereka tersenyum lebar. Apatah lagi kalau berjaya menghabiskan pengajian hingga peringkat tertinggi dan mendapat pekerjaan yang molek. 

Tapi kalau sekadar berjaya tapi tak hormat mereka, tiada gunanya. My mom, once said, 
"Ibu lagi rela anak ibu tak pandai daripada yang pandai tapi tak hormat ibu bapa..."
Parents' hearts are fragile. Mereka juga manusia, punya hati yang sensitif. Kepandaian sahaja tidak cukup untuk membuatkan mereka gembira kalau hakikatnya kita tidak menghormati mereka. Malah, perkara tu jadi hakikat yang paling memedihkan dan mampu menyebabkan mereka menitiskan air mata kesedihan.

"Making parents weep is part of disobedience and one of the major wrong actions." -Ibn Umar

Kadang-kadang kita tak tahu apa yang kita buat tu mampu menggores hati dan perasaan mereka. Makin dewasa, makin banyak lah salah yang kita buat sama ada dalam sedar atau luar sedar. Nak-nak bila yang dah belajar jauh-jauh nie. Rasa ada je gap kadang-kadang. 

Whatever it is. Parents come first. Ingatlah balik janji-janji masa kecil yang telah kita ungkapkan dahulu dan wajiblah disertai rasa hormat terhadap mereka. Orang kata, "anak-anak adalah racun dan anak-anak adalah penawar." Tapi, kita ada option. Jadilah penawar kepada ibu bapa kita. Sama-samalah kita berbakti kepada mereka. InsyaAllah...

p/s: orientasi 5 hari, program bahasa 4 hari. memang non-stop! letih kot. --"
p/p/s: bahasa aku sekejap baku, sekejap rojak, pekehey? --"
p/p/p/s: kamera aku hilang doi time orientasi. tak tau dah nak cari kat mana. memang tragis lah. harap jatuh kat tangan orang yang baik2. usaha-usaha dah. tawakkal aje la yang mampu sekarang.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Eid al-fitr, kahwin, dan kereta rosak


Salam eid al-fitr semua even mood raya tu dah habis. Minta maaf la kat sape2 yang ada terasa dengan aku & so on. Lama gila dah tak menulis + blogwalking ouh.

Time2 cenggini, lebat gila entri pasal raya. Biasalah musim raya. Raya tahun nie pon nothing special happened. Tapi agak memenatkan juga since tahun pertama raya kat rumah baru. So, ramai gila tetamu; kengkawan, saudara-mara datang. Memang fun bila berkumpul ramai-ramai. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih kat sesiapa yang sudi datang. :)

Musim raya jugak, ramai lah orang kahwin... Minggu lepas je, 2 orang kahwin. Sorang tu blogger, Kak Yussida. Aku pergi je rumah dia (23 Ogos 2012), dekat je ngan rumah aku. Seriously, lawa gila kak Yus, suami dia, Mr. Korean pon hensem. Tapi perjalanan nak pergi rumah dia, memang mencabar. Bukan sesat. Kereta yang aku drive buat hal. Mati bape kali kat tengah dan tepi jalan. Bayangkanlah, nak u-turn sekali enjin mampus! I was like, "aaaa... cemana nie? majlis sampai pukul 5 je." Kena hon tu takyah kira la. Tapi wat muka toya je la. Alhamdulillah.. Sampai pukul 5 lebih gak. Lol. Tapi berbaloi la. Dapat amik gambar ngan pengantin. Hewhewhew... 

Rosjuraida + Nazrin
Terbaik punya shot!
Photo taken by: Amin

Tu first time aku jumpa kak Yuss. Selama nie kenal kat blog je. Malu jugak. XP
Anyways, Selamat Pengantin Baru kak Yuss. Semoga berkekalan hingga ke syurga, insyaAllah. :)


Then, 2 hari lepas tu (25 Ogos 2012), sepupu aku pulak kahwin. Sepupu aku yang perempuan nie, Kak Ira. Lovely je colour baju, pink putih. Sweety! And to Kak Ira and hubby, ucapan sama jugak ditujukan. Semoga berbahagia sentiasa sampai ke syurga. InsyaAllah :)

Syahidi Alfee + Nur Athirah

Eh, pasai pa aku cakap sampai ke syurga? Sebab masa tamhidi dulu, ustaz Arab aku buat joke.

Beliau cakap, kalau orang wish kahwin mesti cakap,
Selamat Pengantin Baru, semoga berbahagia hingga anak cucu... tak pun.. Selamat Pengantin Baru, Semoga berbahagia hingga ke akhir hayat...

Duh, persoalan timbul di sini. Lepas dapat anak cucu tu amacam? Bahagia tak? Sebab kita doakan sampai anak cucu je? 

Then, kalau berbahagia sampai akhir hayat pulak, after one died, orang tu tak bahagia dah la? 

Hmm.. betul jugak. Bak kata Faizal Tahir, sampai syurga, ku menunggu. Ececece.

Asal aku up entri kahwin nie? Tak pernah-pernah den buek sebelum nie? Lol. Jangan tanya aku soalan tu. Aku muda lagi kot. Umur tak layak mengundi lagi. Haha. Maybe these 2 people are significant. Sorang blogger yang memang dah lama aku follow, sekali jumpa depan mata. Sorang lagi sepupu. Pastu majlis pulak dalam minggu yang sama. Sebab tu la kot aku up. :D

Nak2 pengalaman mencabar bawak kete rosak. Lol. Aku memang laahh anti-kereta rosak. Cepat-cepat je nak call abang or ayah aku. Tapi nasib baik la kereta tu tak buat masalah sangat time tu. Alhamdulillah.

Oh ye, tinggal beberapa detik je lagi. Cuti 4 bulan bakal berakhir. 1 September menanti. Maka, akan berakhirlah sudah penantian selama ini. -_-"

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ramadhan 1433h: The Remaining Days


I don't know how to describe my feeling when I see this pic.

Ramadhan dah hampir melabuhkan tirai. Sayu je rasa bila tengok gambar tu. The blurry picture made me think somehow, berjumpa lagikah kita dengan next Ramadhan? Apa yang aku dah buat sepanjang Ramadhan nie? Hahai... masa nie la baru nak rasa rugi. 

Bila duk stalking-stalking kat Facebook semalam, aku terjumpa status nie dari page Aiman Azlan.

"Don't focus on what you've missed, focus on what you can still catch..." (Shaykh Faraz Rabbani)

InshaAllah. Jom. Manfaatkan hari-hari terakhir Ramadhan ni.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ramadhan Nightmare


While I was wandering around the youtube, (actually I was watching Janji Ditepati which quite an "AWESOME" video), I found this nice video.

I never heard about this vlogger before, Yousef Erakat a.k.a FouseyTube. I found that he has produced quite a number of vlogs. I was called to see this video below.


Taken from FouseyTube's fb

1- At the beginning of the video, he showed himself as a simple muslim guy who tend to forget about the month of Ramadhan which he supposed to fast. Yeah, he acted just like a simple guy who went to hang out with his friends, craved for food, starving for not eating, so on and so forth...

2- He did not really show that he is kind of pious one. He spent his time sleeping rather than reading al-Quran, zikr or doing something benefits. Yeah, the character is deliberately created like that to show it is the reality. By the way, not all muslims are spending their time wisely during Ramadhan, aight?

3- The climax of the video came during the Iftar. He can't wait to enjoy his meal. He kept asking his mother if he can eat or not. Surprisingly, while he waited for the time, he saw something on TV. The reality of the world.

Count your blessing...

There is always someone out there who has it worse than you..

Stop looking at what you don't have. And start being thankful for what you do have...

What you consider a nightmare might be someone elses dream...


p/s: tersentap. sampai post pon nak english jugak. -_-"

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Take care, Abah! :)


Malam nie malam ke-10 Ramadhan. Subhanallah. Dah hampir ke penghujung fasa 1 Ramadhan rupanya. Sekejap betul rasanya. Azam Ramadhan pon harap2 terlaksana lah ye, insyaAllah. :)

Ramadhan kali nie la kalau nak dikira betul-betul lepas 6 tahun, aku ada sekali ngan family. Kalau nak diikutkan, sebelum-sebelum nie, aku spent Ramadhan dekat sekolah je. Yelah, nama pon pelajar asrama. Tahun lepas pulak, Ramadhan dekat Nilai. Alhamdulillah, Ramadhan tahun nie berkesempatan nak sambut dengan family, iftar, tarawih & sahur sekali. 

Love this pic.
A Palestinian boy plays the firework, celebrating the 1st Ramadhan

Nak diikutkan Ramadhan tahun nie la yang aku paling banyak masa. Rest daripada study & sebagainya. Takde nak rushing2 pergi kelas bagai. Kerja pon dah berhenti hari tu. Tapi sebenarnya nikmat waktu lapang nie sangat susah untuk dihargai. Nak bagi alasan syaitan? Syaitan pon dah dibelenggu. Selalu je kalah kat nafsu sendiri. Dah selalu nak manjakan sangat. InsyaAllah dengan hari yang masih berbaki nie, kita cuba beramal sebaik mungkin.

9 Ramadhan ni (29 Julai 2012) jugak ayah aku bertolak ke KL. InsyaAllah esok beliau akan memulakan tugasnya kat sana balik. It's been a while... 6 tahun lepas kitorang baru je pindah Kelantan sebab ayah aku apply tukar kat sini (Kelantan), dekat sikit dengan kampung kat Terengganu. Mula2 agak berat jugak hati nak pindah kat Kelantan sebab dah lama stay kat Selangor since lahir lagi. Tapi nak buat macam mana, follow je la. Sedih tak payah cakap. Kesudahannya, aku terharu dengan budak2 SMKA Simpang 5 yang sambut farewell aku masa 30 Jun 2006. Sampai sekarang masih ingat scene tu. Rasa cam Queen pon ada, pakat duk kerumun dekat pagar aspuri untuk farewell.

Alhamdulillah, rezeki dekat Kelantan, who knows. Ayah aku dinaikkan pangkat. And in all honesty, aku suka life dekat Kelantan sebab sangat tenang. Orang maybe cakap Kelantan kolot or whatever tapi bagi aku sangat peaceful. Life kitorang pon smooth aje. Yelah, ofis parents aku ngan rumah pon dalam 10-15 minit perjalanan je. Tol pon takde. Masa duk Selayang dulu, ada la nak dekat pukul 8pm sampai rumah sebab jalan jammed. Cuma jalan kat Kelantan la sampai sekarang aku takleh nak hadam. Cam sama je semua tempat. 6 tahun duduk sini pon, kalau suruh aku drive tempat yang aku tak biasa memang sah akan sesat punya la. LOL.

And alhamdulillah jugak, bulan Disember tahun 2011 jugak, kitorang dah ada rumah sendiri kat Kelantan. 6 tahun duk sini, baru merasa. Sebelum nie sewa je. Yelah, bukan origin Kelantan, so susah la nak beli tanah untuk buat rumah.

Bila dapat tau ayah aku dipindahkan balik ke KL, pheww, rasa cam nak pengsan pon ada. Alahai. Again? Aku bukan tak boleh terima kenyataan, tapi rasa cam dah ok dengan life kat sini. Rumah pon baru siap. Tengah semangat nak decorate & berkebun bagai. Tapi takpelah, maybe nie pon ujian daripadaNya. Yelah, setiap yang berlaku pon pasti ada hikmahnya.

So, bermulalah kisah ulang-alik hujung minggu ayah aku nanti. Kira macam aku duduk asrama dulu la kot. Hujung minggu baru balik rumah. Papepon, aku harap keputusan rayuan untuk ditukarkan ke negeri yang dekat sikit diterima. InsyaAllah.. Kalau tak, akan bermula kembalikah kehidupan kitorang dekat Selangor? Can't think of that.

By the way, happy working abah! Take care.. Balik sokmo tau. We always love you. :D

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Curiosity killed the cat?


Dah lama tak update. Kali nie entri santai2 je la. Alkisahnya, masa tu aku & ayah aku tengah gotong-royong kat rumah. Tetiba si kucing jantan (Veo) datang masuk. Dahla masuk melalui tingkap. Kalau tolong takpe jugak. Ni datang terhendap-hendap. Lepas tu duk usha2 lak kitorang wat keje.

I must say:

ohhk. belajar idioms hari nie. menurut Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary, curiosity killed the cat bermaksud:

" tell somebody not to ask question or not to find out about things that do not concern them..."

In real situation, perhaps, it's gonna be like this:

Amende tuan aku duk buat kat atas tu? Usha dulu seminit.

Huh? There's something falling out. Mende alah apa nie?

Eh cik kak? Boleh bagi tau sikit tak. Gua blurr la. Mende semua nie?

Aku tak tau kenapa tapi aku suka bila tengok kucing curious. Telinga tergerak-gerak. Hidung terhidu-hidu. Badan memang dalam keadaan standby and of course mata akan membulat. Comel sangat. 

Ohhk. dah lewat. Sahur pulak nanti. Even macam takde motif, anggap la korang belajar Idioms bila baca. lulz.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Norma Ramadhan @Malaysia


"Dah berapa tahun dah kau puasa kat sini (Australia)?" Fend menyoal sambil menyandarkan tubuhnya. Kenyang.

"Kali keempat. Kira tahun nie last la kalau aku tak sambung honour..." Akmal menjawab slumber.

"Kau mesti rindu kan nak puasa kat Malaysia?" Terasa kerinduannya terhadap Malaysia melanda walaupun baru seminggu di situ.

"Sejujurnya, aku lagi suka puasa kat sini." Tersenyum Akmal mengomel.


Akmal menyambung. "Sebab roh Ramadhan sini lebih terasa. Aku dapat rasakan erti Ramadhan sebenar kat sini. Berbanding dengan Malaysia yang dah jadi lebih kepada budaya..."

Fend kebingungan. Meminta penjelasan. "Maksud kau?"

"Yelah. Ramadhan tu bukannya dieertikan dengan bazar Ramadhan. Bukan dieertikan dengan Malam Tujuh Likur pasang pelita. Bukan dieertikan dengan lawan meriam buluh antara kampung. Bukan dieertikan dengan buka puasa di hotel-hotel. Bukan dieertikan dengan rancangan masak-masak bulan puasa di TV. Tapi benda tulah yang jadi definisi Ramadhan di Malaysia."

Fend terdiam sejenak. Memikir. Memang betul apa yang diperkatakan. Budaya sebegitu dah jadi definisi Ramadhan di Malaysia.

"Orang dah hilang erti Ramadhan tu sendiri. Bagi aku Ramadhan tu Purification. Penyucian. Kira penyucian by all means and senses of the word." Akmal senyum segaris.


(diolah dan diadaptasi daripada Novel Contengan Jalanan - Hlovate)


Yep sinis betul. Budaya Ramadhan kat Malaysia. Adakah hanya dieertikan pada bazar Ramadhan, rancangan memasak kat tv & so on?

Somehow budaya bukannya sesuatu yang wajib. Ianya dicipta apabila kita menjadikan ianya adat. Rasa lain kalau tak ada. Pelik.

Tapi budaya bukannya sesuatu yang constant. We can manipulate it. Bukannya bermakna hilang terus bazar Ramadhan bagai. Tapi menjadikan bulan Ramadhan lebih bermakna. Macam mana? 

Macam nie:

Credit: IProduksI

I'm not good either. Tapi sama-samalah kita cuba praktikkan. Nawaitu tu yang penting.

Salam Ramadhan Kareem. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Dead Clock


It's irony then if we tend to do whatever we usually did even the thing didn't work very well anymore. 

For example: Looking at the dead clock.

Though we know the clock isn't ticking, showing the wrong time, we still look at it, to know the time.

But we won't feel very satisfied with our actions. 

What is the purpose of looking at the dead clock? There's nothing. We wouldn't know the time. We only know it isn't ticking anymore and the batteries have to be changed somehow. 

Quoted from Hugo Movie, Hugo Cabaret once said;

"Maybe that's why a broken machine always make me a little sad, because it isn't able to do what it was meant to do... Maybe it's same with people.. If you lose your purpose... it's like you're broken..."

The words are deep.

What if we're broken?

Don't have any purposes in life?

All that we know is ---> Happy + Enjoy = Life

To some people, that's maybe the purpose in life.

But we have to search for it.

We are not only Born To Die just like Lana Del Ray told us.

It is more than that.

It's more than Will Smith Pursuited of his Happyness

But what is it?

To live for Him. <3

Andaikan kalau semua jam mati, macam mana nak jalani hidup dalam dunia nie?
Rosak. Punah. Tak tentu arah.

Manusia? Lagi la.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Cliché.. Random Birthday Post


Wann Syada wish birthday camni kat FB aku. sentap!

Berlalulah sudah 4 Julai 2012. Ulangtahunku menurut kalendar masihi. Dan juga hari kemerdekaan USA. Maka dengan power that is vested in me, i declare warga USA cuti pada tarikh tersebut. Trimas untuk aku. lol.

Saban tahun akan datang dan perginya tarikh tu. Sama ada akan berjumpa atau tidak lagi dengan tarikh tu, we never know. Terimbas balik masa zaman kecil, hari lahir adalah hari yang paling bahagia, bermakna. Mungkin sebab rasa diri diraikan. Hadiah yang banyak dan ucapan yang tak putus. Tak lupa juga dengan kek hari jadi.

Teringat lagi masa darjah 4, 4 Julai 2003, saat tibanya hari kelahiranku. Tak silap aku hari tu hari Jumaat. Kawan2 kamceng masa darjah 4, Che'ah, Yana, Aishah, Tikah, Alia (yang juga merupakan ahli Spy Girls, diorang declare aku leader. pehh..) sambut birthday aku kat sekolah. Happy tak payah cakap laa hari tu. Kawan nak buat surprise kot.

Lokasi: Kantin SK Sungai Tua Bharu
Masa: Around 2 p.m lebih  

Buka2 mata je, hadiah dah depan mata. Perghh.. Gila terharu den dibuatnya. Semua member sengih je memanjang macam kerang busuk. Aku pon apa lagi, memang memanjang laa ucapan terima kasih.. Terharu dengan perlakuan diorang.

Atikah: Nis, bukalah hadiah tu...
Aku: Ok (buka dengan cermat)
Che'ah: Koyak je weh. Tarik je pembalut tu..
Aku: Taknak lah. Nak tunjuk kat mak aku balik nanti. (Cakap sambil senyum excited)
Krik.. Krik.. Krik... Suasana sunyi sepi. Aku tengok muka sorang2 yang ada kat situ. Tenang + sengih. Apa kehal bebudak semua nie?  So, aku dah berjaya bukak balutan hadiah tu. Tapi.... ada lagi balutan... Buka lagi.. Ada lagi... Entah bape layer aku tak ingat. Masa tu jugak aku nampak masing2 duk tahan gelak.

"Something wrong somewhere betul bebudak nie..." aku mampu monolog je la.

Lepas dah habis semua layer, akhirnya nampak juga rupa kotak. Tak sabar2 kot nak bukak..





sekali... hamik kau... kotak berisi batu! cisdel betul. -___-"

Apa lagi. Terbahak-bahak laa diorang gelak. Habis semua nak menganjing aku. Diorang pon cakap.

"Nak bagi mak kau tengok eh...?? Hahahaha..."

Grrr... Sabor je la. Takkan nak masam2 kot. Tergelak sakan jugak laa kitorang kat kantin. Memang takkan lupa laa.. Punyalah eksaited kemain nak unwrap hadiah leklok.. nak share skali ngan mak aku. Pfffttt...

Tapi dalam 'kekejaman' diorang tu terselit jugak kebaikannya.. Lepas episod 'menyayat hati' tu diorang pon bagi laa hadiah sebenarnya. Room Accesories. Perhiasan berbentuk double-heart yang diisi dengan air dan dalam tu ada kapal & ikan bagai. Ada suis kat bawah tu. Bila switch on je kuar lagu... Sweet betul. Awww.. Mekasih kawan2ku.. Terharu seyh. Masa tu jugak diorang nyanyi lagu birthday & bagi kad. Dahla besar gedabak tulis SPY GIRLS. hahaha..

Well, sepanjang birthday aku selama 19 tahun ni, tak pernah lagi la disajikan dengan tepung+telur. Alhamdulillah. Memang taknak pon. Aku bersyukur sebab Allah masih bagi peluang untuk bernafas & hidup. Semoga dengan keizinan nie, lebih banyak amalan baik yang dilakukan. Thanks kepada sesiapa yang wish birthday sama ada through FB, Twitter, text message, call and whatsoever.

Peningkatan umur bermakna semakin dekatnya kita ke arah kematian. We never expect it though. When the time comes, we have no excuses & have to go. Bergantung kepada amalan je la lepas tu. hmm.. Dying to be good, though. InshaAllah..

p/s: thanks la kay_are sebab introduce aku kat blog ko. Happy birthday jugak laa 4 julai tu. Ko dah 25. jangan berlagak umur 12.5. still, aku lagi muda. haha.

p/p/s: aku tak berapa ingat sangat sape je yang ada masa insiden 4 julai 2003. sorry kalau aku teradakan or tak mengadakan watak. hee