Sunday, June 6, 2010

SIR Challenge

Date: 8th May 2010
Venue: KB Mall, Kelantan

First time masuk Spell-it-right challenge 4 state challenge. Selama ni masuk kat skola je. Agak nervous pada mulanya. Lebih2 lagi, I was the first contestant for the first batch.

These are participants from my school, SMKA Melor. See.. I was the first and the only girl!

001- Hanis Syahirah Mohd Zulkefli
002- Alhakim b. Md Zulkiplee
003- Muhamad Haikal b. Zainuddin
004- Ilman b. Ziad

Pics ni teacher Kimi yg amik. We were on stage tp gamba Ilman takde masa ni. Huhu.
The words given were quite hard. Aku tak dapat masuk final. Whatever it is, Alhamdulillah.

We got sponsor! Mc'D.. Thanks..

We took our chance to capture this valuable memoir with this beutiful lady, Wan Zaleha Radzi (middle) who was the presenter.

Walaupun, none of us dapat ke final round, tp kitorang cukup satisfied. Yang penting pengalaman tu ada.

p/s: ttbe datang mood nak speaking poolak untuk post ni.. kwa3

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